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Access the Economy Energy login page. This could be done by typing Economy Energy login into your search engine and selecting the result that read ‘Login- Economy Energy’. Once on the customer login page, customers needed to enter the email address associated with their account. Then they needed to …

Oct 19, 2020 · Economy 7 (also known as a ‘differential’ or ‘multi-rate’ tariff) is an energy plan that can help you pay less for your electricity. With Economy 7, you’ll pay cheaper rates for 7 hours during the night. The difference in cost could be up to 50%, depending on your electricity supplier.

How do I know when my off-peak/night rate/Economy 7 starts and finishes? Your Economy 7 hours vary depending on your meter and the area in which your business operates. In most cases, you will receive 7 hours at the low night rate between 12.00am and 7.00am.

Economy 7 plans will make use of an alternative electricity meter type compared to most normal energy plans. Your electricity meter will display two separate readings on an economy 7 tariff. The first will be for during the day, and the second will be for night time use.

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Economy 7 is an energy price plan that charges a cheaper rate for electricity for seven night-time hours than during the rest of the day. This means that for seven hours each night the unit costs for your electricity will be lower than the unit costs you pay during the remaining seventeen …


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