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Aug 29, 2010 · What I did: 1) Load the existing key by going to: Window > Preferences > "Search ssh" > Key Management Tab > Load Existing Key >… 2) Save that key by clicking the button Save Private Key. Let’s name it id_dsa_github 3) Now check if push and pull are working or not. It should be. 4) Now in the …

The solution I found was to open git bash, go to git folder, then do a git fetch. After this I was able to rebase and push with eclipse. You can also check in your eclipse preferences/team/git/configuration that you have not set fetch.prune=true because it may cause this problem.

Jun 29, 2020 · Registered: August 2016. Senior Member. JGit has no implementation for the .git-credentials file. In Eclipse, you should get a dialog asking for the credentials (username, password), with an option to store the values in the Eclipse secure store. Subsequent attempts to do git operations with the same URI will then read the credentials from the …

Problems with pushing to github repository from Eclipse

Jan 06, 2011 · Click the "Change…" button. Paste your git URI and select protocol ssh –> click "Finish". Now, click "Save and Push" and NOW you should get a password prompt –> enter the public key passphrase here (provided that you DID (and you should) setup a passphrase to your public key) –> click "OK".

Mar 11, 2013 · This can happen if the saved password in secure storage doesn’t match with the typed one. Here’s how you can fix it: From Eclipse toolbar navigate to Window > Preferences > Security > Secure Storage > Contents Tab > [Default Secure Storage] > GIT > "whatever github url". Select the url and delete the current user.

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Jan 10, 2013 · Back in Eclipse (Juno, since that’s OP’s version), click Window > Show View > Other…. Under Git, select Git Repositories. A new pane appears, from which you can open (repository name) > Remotes > origin. Right click on a node and choose Change Credentials…. Enter your username for User, and your secure access token for the Password.

Jul 20, 2021 · 1. Git support for Eclipse. Via the Eclipse IDE you can perform Git commands like staging, commit, merge, rebase, pull and push. 2. Installation of Git support into Eclipse. Most Eclipse IDE distributions from already contain support for Git. In this case no additional installation is required.

Jun 05, 2017 · TFS doesn’t send one, and JGit would ignore it anyway. So if JGit encodes as UTF-8 but the TFS server expects something else like Cp1252 and the username or password contain non-ASCII characters, Basic authentication might fail. The other issue is why GSS/SPNEGO, which should be …

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Committer pushes code to will fail. Committer cannot push code to us from a non-committer. Scenario 2 Jane Committer, known as to the Eclipse Foundation, is Author of code. Commits to her local repo as Jane Committer pushes code to will fail. does not recognize jane …


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