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This is a restricted government website for official PACER use only. All activities of PACER subscribers or users of this system for any purpose, and all access attempts, may be recorded and monitored by persons authorized by the federal judiciary for improper use, protection of system security, performance of maintenance and for appropriate management by the judiciary of its systems.

CM/ECFCalifornia Central District-UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT. Notice: will be unavailable to customers on the following date: Saturday, August 14, 2021 from 3:00 P.M. to 7:00 PM PST , to undergo a scheduled maintenance. The outage will not impact the availability of CM/ECF or PACER. Attorneys attempting to electronically file new …

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Jul 25, 2021 · If your browser is set to accept cookies and you are experiencing problems with the login, delete the stored cookie file in your PC. … NextGen CM/ECF E-File Access – Account Linking Instructions. California Central District Court Login * Required Information. Username * Password * Client Code. a a. Login Clear.

CM/ECF – California Central District

CM/ECFCalifornia Central District


Enter your CM/ECF filer login and password. The system prompts customers for a CM/ECF login and password when attempting to view certain types of documents. If you have trouble viewing a document: After successful entry of your CM/ECF login, you should be able to view the document.

NextGen CM/ECF | Central District of California | United …

Feb 18, 2020 · The United States District Court for the Central District of California upgraded its CM/ECF software to the Next Generation (“NextGen”) of CM/ECF on February 18, 2020. CM/ECF (for the “Case Management/Electronic Case Filing” system) is the federal judiciary’s comprehensive online case management system for all appellate, district, and bankruptcy courts.

Users will need only one set of login credentials to access PACER and the CM/ECF sites of all NextGen courts. The Central District of California upgraded its CM/ECF software to NextGen on February 18, 2020. For users familiar with prior versions of CM/ECF, the user interface of NextGen CM/ECF will look familiar.

CM/ECF – U.S. Bankruptcy Court (v1.5.3 – LIVE)

Welcome to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California Central District of California – Document Filing System : To Access Court Records: Cases filed prior to December 1, 2003, … ECF – please contact the ECF Help Desk at (213) 894-2365. General Questions – …

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Click "Manage My Account" in the upper right corner of the screen, log in using your individual upgraded PACER account, and select the "Maintenance" tab. Select "Attorney Admissions/E-File Registration," choose "U.S. District Courts" and the Central District of California from the dropdown menus, click on the "E-File Registration Only" button, and follow the instructions.

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CM/ECF is a comprehensive electronic case management system which allows courts to accept filings electronically and provides access to filed documents over the Internet. Registration: In order to file documents electronically for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California


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