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EvalTools –

Gannon University 109 University Square Erie, Pennsylvania 16541 Phone: 814-871-7000

EvalTools – Gannon University

Gannon University 109 University Square Erie, Pennsylvania 16541 Phone: 814-871-7000

ECE Sales Team Agents, IECs, and Recruiters show submenu for Agents, IECs, and Recruiters. Ordering Options for Agents Healthcare Compliance show submenu for Healthcare Compliance. Healthcare Solutions ECE® Aid show submenu for ECE® Aid. ECE® Aid Stories; Participating Institutions; ECE® Aid Newsletter; Annual Report About show submenu for ……/resources-for-ece-students

Resources for ECE Students. 1. GUXpress. As a student at Gannon, you can use GUXpress to view your tuition bill, grades, schedule and transcript, as well as to view available courses. You can also print your Academic Evaluation, register for or drop classes online. 2.

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“The ECE department passed the accreditation process using the Faculty Course Assessment Report (FCAR) as the primary tool for program assessment. EvalTools® streamlines the process of how FCAR was implemented in addition to providing a structured process in data analysis, mapping course outcomes to student outcomes and closing the loop for …

Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE) is now in Canada! For 40 years Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE) has been the premier assessment provider in the United States. We have grown from a basement in Wisconsin to a founding member of NACES to the #2 provider of international educational credential assessments in the U.S.

Gannon University is a community founded on honor, courage and achievement. These values carry into every aspect of life at Gannon: in athletics and academics, in our global travels, and in the communities we serve. This is the tradition you step into when you put on the maroon and gold and become a Gannon Knight.


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