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Passwords are no longer enough to protect accounts with sensitive information. Now most popular websites and apps provide two-factor authentication to help you protect your account. For some financial-related accounts, the suggestion here is to protect them through physical security key. But first, you need to access the account through the official link.

Cardholder Portal


Cardholder Portal

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New students should click New Student Enrollment. If you aren’t sure, call us at (575) 646-0314 or (575) 646-4304. PLEASE do not create a duplicate account as it could jeopardize your transcript information! Call us and we can help you access your current account or let you know if you need to create an account.


You should receive your EBT card within 7 days of applying. If you do not receive your card, please contact the Customer Service Help Desk at 1-800-283-4465, Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm., or call Fidelity Information Services (FIS) 1-800-843-8303 24 hours Customer Service.

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Jul 31, 2021 · EBT Cardholders: Click here for more information regarding our response to the COVID-19 (Corona virus) pandemic. ebt EDGE SM offers you direct access to the EBT information you need. Choose your EBT group below and click More Information.

YesNM Portal – apply, check, update, or renew for public …


YESNM is your portal to quickly and easily apply, check, update, or renew for a variety of public assistance programs such as Medical Assistance, Food Assistance , Cash Assistance, and Energy Assistance. Create an account now to apply for and access your status.

Cardholder Portal – ebtEDGE


Cardholder Portal – ebtEDGE


Aug 08, 2021 · The P-EBT benefits are issued based on what your school district has on file for your child. If you did not get the benefit, please call P-EBT Customer Service. Call 1-833-415-0569. They can review your child’s information. Please update your child’s info with the school. Then the child can get their own card.

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Aug 22, 2021 · ebtEDGE SM : Cardholder Login: Agency Login: Merchant Login: Provider Login: Partner Login: User Admin Login: About EBT: USDA – FNS: NACHA Saturday, August 28, 2021 Agency Log In Agency. Enter your User ID and password in the boxes below and click Login. User ID: Password: …


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